Let’s face it, product spec sheets are not exactly…fun or exciting; HOWEVER, they are a necessary part Spec Sheet by CIDof informing customers of the amazing items you manufacture and sell. When it comes to making numbers and figures beautiful and professional, CID has your back.

Channel Islands Design has been creating and developing product spec sheets, catalogs, and directories since our inception in 1980. When it’s important to showcase your items in a way that matches your brand, entices your audience to purchase AND to continue to be informed, it’s important to hire a professional to handle it. Not to mention, CID’s passion for a well aligned spreadsheet is unsurpassed.

A majority of CID’s clientele is repeat business. What does this say about us? We know our clients’ brands, we know what they prefer, and we build trust based upon their needs. An example of a client that keeps coming back, Hartell has been working with CID for over 20 years. Once Channel Islands Design has your trust, we intend to keep it.