Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic

LinkedIn is one of the social media networks that often gets ignored in social media marketing plans. However, it’s a network that shouldn’t be underestimated. In Hubspot’s recent study they found that LinkedIn traffic converts at 2.74% as opposed to Facebook and Twitter which convert at 0.77 % and 0.69% respectively.

There are many different ways of using LinkedIn to increase website traffic but let’s focus on three major ones here.

LinkedIn Groups

Similarly to Facebook groups, you want to join relevant LinkedIn groups and be active. Post thoughtful comments in discussions, create your own discussions and go above and beyond to be helpful.

If and when a particular group allows for self-promotion, take advantage of the opportunity by posting a relevant link to your content but make sure not to overdo it.

LinkedIn Answers

The other great way to build authority within your industry and drive traffic back to your site is LinkedIn Answers. It’s a professional question and answers community where you can find information on various business-related topics. Whenever you answer a question, you have the chance to add “Web Resources” to supplement your response. This is a great way to link to content on your website if it is relevant to the original question.

LinkedIn Pulse

Originally, Pulse was a content publishing platform that was invite-only. However, things changed in 2013 when LinkedIn acquired Pulse. It still remains a content publishing platform but now it features articles from anyone who publishes their posts on LinkedIn.


Having your article featured on Pulse is equal to having a guest blog post published on the top blog in your specific niche. And that alone can lead to more connections and ultimately more traffic to your website.

I should note that not every one of your articles will be picked up by Pulse, nor should you repost every article from your blog on LinkedIn. If you want to really take advantage of Pulse, you should aim for thought-provoking topics that are educational, practical, and actionable. It might take you a couple of tries but don’t give up because the benefits are too good to be ignored.

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